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If your on this page, your either considering donating or just browsing to get a grasp of what donating can get you. I should therefore inform you that I (TheMisterEpic), am strongly opposed to pay2win servers, as well as exploitative features and perks. I can therefore provide you with strong reassurance that your donation will go towards the further development of the server, helping us achieve our goal of fostering a network, full of og gamemodes that are no longer around

If you choose to donate, not only will you gain access to a range of unique cosmetics, weekly rewards and abilities, but will also be supporting and helping us fix the minecraft multiplayer landscape, and restoring servers to their skill based roots, where the player is the priority

So thank you for considering supporting the server, and helping re-establish a community dedicated to the players, rather than money.49324c3b6ae07efb81280e5f83042a0ce57a4434.jpg